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Helix Range Leakproof Travel Mugs, Water Bottles Kits

The Helix range is a modular, multi-material cup-to-bottle system. Choose from Leakproof Travel Mugs, Water Bottles or purchase a Traveller Kit. The insulated stainless steel reusable travel cup is the new and improved version of the single-use cup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

8oz KeepCup Traveller Travel Mug8oz KeepCup Traveller Travel Mug

What is the difference between the Helix screw fit range and the Press fit range?

The original KeepCup product range is designed to replicate the functionality of a disposable single-use cup.  The reusable cups are designed to be easy lightweight, barista standard and an easy drinking experience to be enjoyed lid on or lid off.  Designed for busy cafe environments, the cup replicated the shape and feel of a disposable to fit seamlessly in the cafe operation.  Our reusable cups range in glass, insulated steel or original plastic, take you from coffee machine to desk, espresso maker to the car, or be an out-and-about reusable that's lightweight and easy to carry in your bag.
Over time we have expanded the range to meet different beverages and occasions.  The screw-fit range is designed for a more robust and insulated carry. If you are looking for a leakproof solution that you can place on your bag or use on public transport, the Traveller to-go mug has a simple leakproof sipper lid with a generous drinking surface and mouthpiece.  Our Cold Cup range is a press-on spillproof lid with a one-way valve supporting the straw.  A fabulous reuse solution if you like to swizzle your drink and use a straw tumbler where you can see the contents of your drink.

What materials are used in the Helix Screw fit range?

Our insulated Travel Mugs, Water Bottles, Camp Mugs and Flask Kits are made from high-quality electropolished stainless steel.  They are vacuum-insulated to keep your beverage hot or cold from the first sip to the last.

Are the insulated cups dishwasher safe?

While our insulated cups are very durable, we recommend handwashing to preserve the surface finish and integrity of the cup. For detailed care instructions, please visit our care page.

Can I put my insulated mug in the microwave?

Unfortunately, the stainless steel material of our insulated mugs is not compatible with microwave use. Please refer to the product description for more information regarding safe use and care.

Are replacement lids available for purchase?

Absolutely! We've got you covered with replacement lids and all other parts you might need. This allows you to replace only the parts you need – not the entire cup – supporting our commitment to sustainability and long-term use.

8oz Nitro KeepCup Travel Mug8oz Nitro KeepCup Travel Mug

Insulated Cup

KeepCup insulated cups come equipped with advanced insulation technology that keeps your beverages cold and delicious for hours. The double-walled design locks in the chill, allowing you to savour icy refreshments long after you've poured your drink.
Elevate your on-the-go beverage experience with KeepCup's line of insulated cups! Perfect for busy commuters, office dynamos and adventure seekers alike, our thermal mugs and bottles are designed to keep your drinks delightfully hot or refreshingly cold.
Featuring cutting-edge double-wall insulation technology, these thermal coffee cups and water bottles ensure your favourite beverages maintain their ideal temperature for hours. Built to last and expertly sealed to prevent leaks, KeepCup's thermal drink bottles are your trusty companions wherever your day takes you. Ready to sip? Let's make every drink a pleasure!

Keep It Sleek and Practical With Stylish Thermal Cups

Whether you prefer sipping from a thermos coffee mug or on an insulated tumbler with a straw, these cups are designed to enhance your drinking experience – lid on or off! Our insulated drink bottles and thermos cups masterfully keep your beverages at the perfect temperature, ensuring that your hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold for hours without any taint in taste or freshness.
Crafted with a sleek, modern aesthetic, each insulated cup boasts an ergonomic design that looks and feels fantastic in your hand. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, from vibrant tones to sophisticated neutrals, KeepCup ensures that you enjoy every sip in style.

Large KeepCup Kit Travel Mug and Bottle 2-in-1Large KeepCup Kit Travel Mug and Bottle 2-in-1

Craft the Perfect Thermal Cup Today

Discover the joy of perfectly tempered beverages with KeepCup's vibrant range of insulated water bottles! Not only can you keep your drinks at just the right temperature, but you can also customise your flask bottle to suit your personal flair with an array of exciting colours and designs. 
Dive into a more sustainable lifestyle with our insulated water bottles that dramatically cut down on single-use waste, helping to lessen your environmental footprint one refill at a time. Beyond insulated drink bottles, we offer a diverse range of tumblers, reusable cups and bottles specifically designed for travel, iced coffee and more!