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Posts tagged 'behind the scenes'

  • Towards zero waste at KeepCup HQ

    Since 2017, over 85% of KeepCup’s office and warehouse waste has been sent to be recycled or composted. Our sights are set on that last 15%, focusing on reduction and reuse, with recycling the last resort. 

    4 min(s) read
  • What does it mean to be a B Corp?

    B Corps are for-profit businesses committed to a new economy. They’re purpose-driven, focused on making a positive difference to their employees, customers, current and future generations and the natural world. 

    4 min(s) read
  • Is plastic really that bad?

    It’s not the material that’s the problem, it’s how we use it. This is a problem of plastic waste, not plastic as a material.

    4 min(s) read
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